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Uma Chandi Gowri Shankarula Katha (1968)

Cast: NT Rama Rao, B. Saroja Devi, Relangi, Padmanabham, Ramana Reddy
Story and Dialogues: Pingali Nagendra Rao
Screenplay: KV Reddy
Lyrics: Pingali Nagendra Rao
Music: Pendyala Nageswara Rao
Cinematography: Madhav Bulbule
Art: Gokhale, Kaladhar
Choreography: Pasumarthi Krishna Murthy
Producer and Director: KV Reddy
Banner: Vijaya Productions
Release Date: 11 January
Trivia: Vijaya Productions is one of the pioneers in Telugu cinema in terms of content, conceptualization and execution. KV Reddy directed 5 movies under this banner. While Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani produced all the movies except Jagadeka Veeruni Katha, Satya Harischandra and Uma Chandi Gowri Shankarula Katha; KV Reddy produced these three along with directing them.
This movie, along with the other flop in this combination in 1965, Satya Harischandra, signified the end of KV Reddy era.

Satya Harschindra (1965)

Satya Harischandra was an important role for NTR to fill in the variety of characters (especially mythological) that he played-even if it did not do well. SV Ranga Rao was asked to play the role of Viswamitra, which he rejected-having played Satya Harischandra himself in the hit film of a still bygone era [1956]. This 1965 release with NTR, unfortunately, bombed at the BO and was compared to SVR's Harischandra which the viewers seemed to prefer over the new and novel version. Relangi, who played Nakshatrudu in the previous Harischandra movie, played Kala Kaushikudu in this one.
The earlier two Satya Harischandra movies that came out had the very same dialogues and songs, so being what he is, KV Reddy decided to try new dialogues and lyrics with the old, old play.The movie bombed, shocking the production house so used to blockbusters and consistent, if not constant success. The familiar territory that the popular play tread on was gone, and the novelty did not strike a chord with t…

Jagadeka Veeruni Katha (1961)

Cast: NT Rama Rao (Pratap), B. Saroja Devi, Kamala Kumari, L. Vijaya Lakshmi, Bala, Rajanala, Kannamba (guest), CSR Anjaneyulu, Relangi, Mukkamala, Vangara, Rushyendra Mani, Mikkilineni, AV Subba Rao, Girija, Jagga Rao, Lanka Satyam
Story, Dialogues and Lyrics: Pingali Nagendra Rao
Screen-play: KV Reddy
Music: Pendyala Nageswara Rao
Cinematography: Marcus Bartley
Audiography: A. Krishnan
Editing: Kalyana Sundaram
Art: Gokhale, Kaladhar
Choreography: Pasumarthi Krishna Murthy
Make-up: Haripada Chandra, Peetambaram, Bhaktavatsalam
Special Effects: Harbans Singh
Producer and Director: K.V. Reddy
Banner: Vijaya Productions
Release Date: 9 August
Trivia: It had a 100-day run in 19 centers and biggest hit of the year. It dubbed into Kannada, Oriya, Bengali and Hindi. It stood no.1 place in Bengali in that year and celebrated silver jubilee in Oriya.
It is the first 100 days film in Adoni, Madanapalli and Sholapur (Maharashtra).
This was a remake of Tamil hit film 'Jagathala Prathapan' (1944) star…

Pellinati Pramanalu (1958)

Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao (Krishna Rao), Jamuna (Rukmini), SV Ranga Rao (Bheemasena Rao), Raja Sulochana (Radha Rani), R. Nageswara Rao, Ramana Reddy (Salahala Rao), Dr. Sivarama Krishnaiah, Peketi Sivaram, Chadalavada Kutumba Rao, Balakrishna, Allu Ramalingaiah, Surabhi Kamalabai, Chayadevi
Dialogues and Lyrics: Pingali Nagendra Rao
Music: Ghantasala
Playback: Ghantasala, P. Leela
Cinematography: Prasad
Art: Thota Venkateswara Rao
Audiography: TS Krishna
Choreography: Pasumarthi Krishna Murthy
Producer and Director: KV Reddy
Banner: Jayanthi Pictures
Release Date: 17 December
Trivia: It was received President's silver medal.
Popular Songs:
1. Challaga Chudali
2. Raave Muddula Radha
3. Edo Teliyaka Pilachitinoyi
4. Neetone Neetone Lokamu
5. Brindavana Chandamama endukoyi tagavu
6. Vennelalone Vedi Elano
7. Laali Maa Paapayi

Maya Bazaar (1957)

Synopsis: During the Pandavas' Agnyatavasa (period of exile), Arjuna sends his wife Subhadra and their son Abhimanyu to Dwaraka to stay with her brothers, Krishna (N.T.Rama Rao)and Balarama (Gummadi Venkateswara Rao). Sasirekha (Savitri), Balarama's daughter and Abhimanyu have been in love with each other from their childhood. Their families had agreed to get them married when they were children. However, Balarama's wife refuses to honour that commitment as the Pandavas no longer have their kingdoms and are in exile. Balarama decides to conduct Sasirekha's marriage with Lakshmana Kumara (Relangi Venkata Ramaiah) who is his favourite disciple, Duryodhana's (Mukkamala) son. Krishna advises Subhadra to approach (Ghatotkacha) (S.V.Ranga Rao). Initially Ghatotkacha assumes them to be intruders in his forest and attacks them, but later apologizes once he realizes who they are. He goes to Dwaraka along with his retinue. Using his magical powers he assumes the form of Sasi…