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Sati Savitri (1933)

Synopsis: Aswapathi, a Prince, ruling over the kingdom of Madra. For years after his Royal Wedding with Queen Malavi, hid did not have a child. He thereupon invoked Savitri, his favourite deity, and through her grace, he had a daughter who bore the same name as the goddess. As years went by, Savitri was always playing in the palace and in the forest with her companion Vasanthika. 
One day her pet deer escaped into the forest, both Savitri and Vasanthika ran after the creature but found that she was held and kept in captivity by Prince Satyavanta, son of king Dyumatsena. Savitri then recalled the features of the young man whom she saw in the dream. Eventually she got her deer back but could not forget Satyavanta. She made a portrait of her beloved, and was worshiping it daily.
In the meantime her parents anxiously contemplating her marriage when Narada paid a visit to them and strongly prevailed upon them to have a matrimonial alliance with Satyavanta. The marriage was celebrated with al…

Ramadasu (1933)

Cast: Arani Satyanarayana (Ramadasu), Ghantasala Radhakrishnayya (Kabir Das), Nellore Naga Raja Rao (Tanisha), K. Srinivasa Chary (Dharmakartha), Venkata Subbayya (Ahamak), Ghantasala Seshayya (Srirama), MS Ranga Rao (Lakshmana), Saraswathi (Kamalamba), Rampapa (Sitara Begam)
Cinematography: Krishna Gopal
Audiography: RC Wilman, CN Nigam
Director: Akhtar Nawaz
Banner: East India Film Company (Culcutta)
Trivia: This was based on Dharmavaram Gopalacharya's stage play 'Ramadasu'.

Prithvi Putra (1933)

Cast: Kalyanam Raghu Ramaiah, Parupalli Satyanarayana, Surabhi Kamalabai
Director: Pothina Srinivasa Rao
Banner: Saraswati Movietone
Notes: The first cinema hall in Andhra Pradesh was Maruthi Talkies in Bezawada constructed by Pothina Srinivasa Rao in 1921. This theatre was inaugurated on October 23 that year. The theatre still exists. It was the beginning of the birth of cinema theatres. The first talkie ever made in India, Alam Ara, was first released in this theatre. It enjoyed such a pride of place that all the films made at Bombay and at other production centers were first released in Maruthi Talkies, along with their release in Bombay. Srinivasa Rao also turned producer-director with his film titled Prithvi Putra in 1933, under his own banner Saraswathi Movietone. He was also the film's script writer.

Chintamani (1933)

Synopsis: Chintamani was based on the legendary story of a Sanskrit poet and devotee of Lord Krishna named Bilwamangal. Bilwamangal (Pulipati), a resident of Varanasi, was a Sanskrit scholar, who gets infatuated towards a courtesan called Chintamani (Ramatilakam), a woman of ill-fame. As a result he deserts his wife. However, Chintamani is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and spends most of her time singing bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna. His attraction towards Chintamani eventually draws Bilwamangal closer towards Lord Krishna and transforms his life forever. Bilwangal, himself, becomes a devotee of Lord Krishna and pens a monumental Sanskrit work Sri Krishna Karnamritam.
Cast: Pulipati Venkateswarlu, Ramatilakam
Director: Kallakoori Sadasiva Rao
Banner: Madan Studios

Shakuntala (1932)

Cast: Yadavalli Suryanarayana (Dushyanth), Surabhi Kamalabai (Shakuntala), Bakurupanda Venkata Rao, Nellore Naga Raja Rao
Director: Sarvottam Badami
Banner: Select Pictures Circuit (Bangalore)
Notes: Surabhi Kamala Bai played the protagonist's role in Bhakta Prahlada - the first Telugu talkie. But how many of us know she was born on stage while her mother Leelavati, a veteran theatre artiste, was giving a performance. Leelavati was playing the character of a pregnant woman, and the crowd for a moment thought Kamala's birth was part of the play. Elated as they were, they threw coins while the pregnant mother actually wreathed in pain.

Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekamu (1932)

Cast: Yadavalli Suryanarayana(Rama), Surabhi Kamalabai (Sita), Bakurapanda Venkata Rao (Bharata), P. Ramatilakam, Nellore Nagaraja Rao
Producer: Chunnibhai Desai
Director: Sarvottam Badami
Banner: Select Pictures Circuit
Release Date: 24 November