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Sri Krishna Thulabharam (1935)

Cast: Jai Singh (Srikrishna), Kapilavayi Ramanatha Shastry (Narada), Kanchanamala (Mitravinda), Kakinada Joginatham (Vasanthaka), Rushyendramani (Satyabhama), Guntur Sabharanjani (Rukmini), Lakshmirajyam (Nalini), Relangi Venkata Ramaiah
Scenario: Mutharaju Subba Rao
Lyrics and Verses: Chandala Kesava Das, Mutharaju Subba Rao, Sthanam Narasimha Rao
Directors: Mukherji, Rajaram
Banner: Kali Film Companay (Calcutta)
Release Date: 22 April
Trivia:This was debut movie for Kanchanamala, Rushyendramani, Lakshmirajyam and Relangi.

Sri Krishna Leelalu (1935)

Synopsis: Harassed by the evil deeds of Kamsa and his minions Bhudevi, Indra and other Devas offer their prayers to Lord Vishnu at the instigation of Brahma. Vishnu comforts them that he will be born as the son of Devaki and end their woes. Akasavani foretells Kamsa of his death at the hands of the eight child of Devaki, his sister. Kamsa becomes perturbed and tries to put an end to Devaki's life when Vasudeva, her husband, intervenes and promises to give away to Kamsa all the children of Devaki soon after their birth. Still unsatisfied, Kamsa imprisons Devaki and Vasudeva.
When Devaki gives birth to a child in the prison, Kamsa kills the child instantaneously. Devaki being pregnant for the eighth time is suffering from birth pangs. Lord Vishnu appears and tells them that he is going to be born as their child and that Yogamaya who is going to be their saviour is already born in the house of Nanda. With the new-born child Krishna, Vasudeva crosses the river Jamuna at the dead of the…

Bhakta Kuchela (1935)

Cast: KS Ramachandra Rao (Kuchela), Kalyanam Raghuramaiah (Srikrishna), Chebrol Saraswathi (Vamakshi), Rajarathnam (Rukmini), Samrajyam (Satyabhama), Pulipaka Venkatappayya (Narada), SV Raghava Swamy (Sisupala), DS Prakasha Rao ( Karataka Sastry), A. Srirama Murthy (Dharmaraju), Saraseeroham (Sarojini), Sundaram (Sarala), Master Malleswara Rao ( Raghava), Master Naga Raju (child Srikrishna)
Story: K. Subrahmanyam Sastry
Screenplay: DV Bhadram
Music: Chary
Cinematography: YB Washikar
Editing: Bhola
Settings (Art): Shankar Kashkar, Pavar
Audiography: N Paul and Dr. Rakshith
Directors: Kallakuri Sadasiva Rao and Tarith Basu
Banner: Radha Film Company (Calcutta)
Trivia: Kalyanam Raghuramaiah was an actor as well as a singer in theatre. He debuted on stage at the age of 8 as Sri Rama in Bhakta Ramadasu. He acted in mythological, historical and social dramas and as mythological heroes in over 100 films. This great theatre personality created the role of Sri Krishna in Mahabharata plays created by Tir…

Sati Sakkubai (1935)

Cast: Dasari Katiratnam (Sakkubai), Tungala Chalapathi Rao (Sri Krishna), Kumpatla Subba Rao, Suravarapu Venkateswarlu, Kapilavayi Ramanatha Shastry
Dialogues: Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham
Director: Charu Chandra Rai
Banner: Bharatha Lakshmi Films
Release Date: 21 May, 1935

Lava Kusa (1934)

Synopsis: Srirama after returning victorious from Lanka is crowned king of Ayodhya. Surpanakha and Karala, the only survivors of Ravana's family, come over to Ayodhya to wreak vengeance on Srirama. They hatch a plot according to which they take the forms of a washer man and his wife. Rama and Sita beguile their pensive hours viewing a series of paintings of the incidents of their past life. Sita, moved by wonderful reproduction of the peaceful atmosphere of the hermitages, requests Rama to let her visit the hermitages. Rama, though reluctant to send his pregnant wife to the forest, grants her wish.
The disguised washer man and his wife put up a sham quarrel and speak very lightly of Sita's character. A spy of Rama listens to the gossip and reports to Rama the scandalous talk though reluctantly.  Rama sacrifices his happiness as well as Sita's for the sake of popular opinion and determines to send Sita into exile.
He calls in all his brothers and asks them to leave Sita in th…