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Apavadu (1941)

Synopsis: Prakash, a revenue inspector lived happily with his wife Kamala, sister Kantham and son Kittu till his neighbour Venkaiah's young second wife Anasuya brings dishormony in his marital life. She has a step daughter Bobjee who tries to scuttle the plot. Prakash has a wealthy friend, the popular singer Kamaraju. Anasuya has a crush on Kamaraju but he spurns her advances and a humiliated Anasuya plots revenge with the help of Mangapathi, a local rowdy. They spread rumours about the amorous relationship between Kamala and Kamaraju. Hurt by these rumours, Kamala attempts suicide but is saved. Kamaraju with Rathnam finds out that the handwriting on the love letter supposedly written by him and Anasuya's are similar. The truth comes out.
Cast: KS Prakasa Rao (Prakash), Kalyanam Raghuramaiah (Kamaraju), Lakshmirajyam (Kamala), Rao Balasaraswathi Devi (Kantham), Aveti Poornima, S. Varalakshmi (Bobjee), Balamani (Rathnam), MC Raghavan (Venkaiah), Maddali Krishna Murthy, Seshagiri…

Vishwa Mohini (1940)

Synopsis: Purushottam (YV Rao) embezzles money from a firm of brokers owned by Padmanabham in order to get his son Mohan Rao married to Hemalatha, daughter of the millionaire Vishalakshamma (B Rajaratnam). The now impoverished Padmanabham partially gets his own revenge when his daughter Sushila (Lalitha Devi) becomes a film star Vishwa Mohini. The film producer Pashupati, brother of Vishalakshamma, introduces her. The star Vishwa Mohini falls in love with Mohan Rao and her father agrees to their marriage provided Mohan can find a job. He pretends to have done so and the two get married. Hemalatha offers money to Vishwa Mohini to go away and free Mohan, which, in an emotional scene, she refuses to do.
Cast: Y.V. Rao, Chittooru Nagaiah, Lalitha Devi, Bejawada Rajarathnam, Rangaswamy, Kakinada Rajaratnam, Dorai Swamy, Gangaratnam, Sampurna, Surya Narayana
Story: Y.V. Rao
Dialogues and Lyrics: Balijepalli Lakshmikantha Kavi
Music: Ogirala Ramachandra Rao
Director: Y.V. Rao
Banner: Jadadish Pict…

Sumangali (1940)

Synopsis: A triangular love story, it strongly condemns child marriages and supports widow marriages. The three central characters are Satyam (AS Giri), a progressive young man, his classmate Saraswathi (Kumari), the city bred with whom he falls in love, his cousin in the village the compassionate Parvathi (Malathi) whose world revolves around him. Saraswathi's father (Lingamurthy) had migrated to the city when she was a child. He keeps it a secret from her that she was married when she was six and soon became a widow. He reveals this to Panthulu (Nagaiah) when he broaches the topic of her marriage with Satyam. It was only after her father's death that Saraswathi who leaves to her native place, Kapileswarapuram with her aunt (Rajarathnam) that she learns about her past. A crestfallen Saraswathi loses hope that Satyam will marry her. Heart broken Parvathi comes to know that Satyam has promise do marry Saraswathi. Satyam was brought up by Parvathi's father (Doraswamy) and mo…

Meerabai (1940)

Cast: Dr. Subba Rao, Perraju Kutumba Rao, Chalam, Indira Music: Bhimavarapu Narasimha Rao
Director: Bhimavarapu Narasimha Rao Banner: Navyakala Films Release Date: 5 Dec, 1940

Mairavana (1940)

Synopsis:Ravana keeps Sita captive and Mandodari pleads with him to release her and also warns him not to have enmity with Lord Rama. Ravana rebukes Mandodari and seeks the help of Pathala Lankeswara Mahi Ravana to kill Rama and Lakshmana. Anjaneya builds a fortress using his tail to safe guard Rama and Lakshmana. But Mairavana with his mystical powers brings them to Pathalaloka. The Naga princess Chandrasena, a staunch devotee of Lord Rama was held captive by Mairavana who wishes to marry her. With her help Rama kills Mairavana.
Cast: Vemuri Gaggaiah (Mahi Ravana), Kanchanamala (Chandrasena), Rami Reddy, Rayaprolu Subrahmanyam (Ravana), Yandamuri Raju (Mandodari), T. Ramakrishna Sastry (Srirama), YR Suri (Anjaneya), G. Seshachalam (Lakshmana), K. Subrahmanya Kumari, Jaya Gowri (Sita), Nellori Krishnayya (Matsya Vallabha)
Music: Galipenchala Narasimha Rao
Cinematography: Govind Rao Bhadsavle
Sets (Art): TVS Sharma
Makeup: Mangaiah
Producer: Ghantasala Balaramaiah
Director: Chitrapu Narayana …