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Tara Sasankam (1941)

Cast: P. Suribabu
Story: Kopparapu Subba Rao
Director: R.S. Prakash
Notes: Suribabu played the stage play 'Tara Sasankam', written by Kopparapu Subba Rao, more than 1500 times under his own direction.

Talli Prema (1941)

Plot: Marital melodrama promoting the image of the ideal woman as a long-suffering and self sacrificing wife. Santha (Kannamba) is the exemplary but still childless -wife of Krishna Rao (CSR Anjaneyulu). When all rituals fail, she accepts her evil sister-in-law Durgabai's (Seshamamba) suggestion that her husband take a second bride, Kamala (Hemalatha). Durgabai and Kamala then combine to eject Santha from the house in spite of her sudden pregnancy. She gives birth to a son but gets separated from the child, which is raised by a local zamindar. Kamala turns out to be the real villain and sends an assassin to kill the child. Eventually the husband has a change of heart and rescues the child himself; Kamala obligingly commits suicide, thus restoring the original happy couple.
Cast: C.S.R. Anjaneyulu, Kannamba, Hemalatha Devi, Seshamamba, Kalyanam Raghuramaiah
Story and Dialogues: Kovvali Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
Lyrics: Daita Gopalam
Music: N.V. Venkatraman, N.B. Dinakar Rao

Parvathi Kalyanam (1941)

Cast: Santha Kumari, G. Radha Krishnayya, Parupalli Subba Rao
Producer and Director: Ghantasala Balaramaiah
Banner: Pratibha Films

Dakshayagnam (1941)

Cast: Vemuri Gaggaiah (Daksha), C. Krishnaveni (Sati), Bezawada Rajarathnam (Prasuthi), G. Varalakshmi, T.G. Kamala Devi, Dasari Sadasiva Rao (Siva), T. Ramakrishna Sastry (Narada), Dasari Lakshmaiah Chowdary, Ramana Rao (Vishnu), Samrajyam (Saraswathi), Kanchi Narasimha Rao (Prasuna), Kumpatla Subba Rao (Visuna)
Story, Dialogues and Lyrics: BT Narasimhachari
Music: Moti Babu
Cinematography: DB Chavan
Sound Design: MB Walke
Art: H. Shantharam
Producer: Mirjapuram Raja
Director: Chitrapu Narayana Murthy
Banner: Sobhanachala Pictures
Trivia: This was the first film on Sobhanachala Pictures. Previously it was Jaya Films.
A scholar and a literary personality Buggapatnam Tirumala (BT) Narasimhachari, who had only one hand, was at that time editor of the popular magazine, 'Dhanka'. He later edited the Bangalore based 'Prajamata'.
Ramana Rao and Samrajyam who acted as Lord Vishnu and Saraswathi were husband and wife in real life.
This film was remade by KB Nagabhushanam in 1962 with N…

Choodamani (1941)

Cast: Pushpavalli, C.S.R. Anjaneyulu, Ch. Narayana Rao, Sundaramma, Kasturi Siva Rao, Satyavathi, Pulipati Venkateswarlu
Story and Dialogues: V. Sadasivabrahmam
Music: S.A. Venkatraman
Cinematographer: Mama Shinde
Director: P.K. Raja Sandow
Banner: Janaki Pictures

Devatha (1941)

Synopsis: Venugopala Murthy returns from England after completing Barat-Law. His mother Mangamma and sister Sita are overjoyed. Venu is attracted to the servant Lakshmi who stays with the family. One night Venu takes advantage of the sleeping Lakshmi and promises to marry her. Soon Venu has to leave the city. He stays with his maternal uncle Balaramaiah who had funded his education assuming that Venu would marry his daughter Vimala. Though hesitant at first, Venu agrees to marry her. Mangamma and Sita take a reluctant Lakshmi and her brother Rangadu to the city. Venu explains his predicament and offers some money to Lakshmi that she spurns. Later when her father Venkaiah arranges her marriage, pregnant Lakshmi leaves the house.
Vimala elope with Sukumar. Venu confesses to his mother. The kind hearted Mangamma sends him to bring Lakshmi back. Mean while Lakshmi take refuge with Haridasu's family and delivers a child. After several hardships, Lakshmi reunites with Venu.
Cast: Chittoo…

Dharmapatni (1941)

Synopsis:Five year old Radha's dying mother hands the custody of Radha to the devadasi Sridevi who promises henceforth she would lead a pure life. Sridevi teaches the child the virtues of a house wife. In the school Radha befriends Mohan and as they grow love blossoms between Radha and Mohan. Mohan takes her to the temple and pledges before the deity that she was his 'dharmapatni'.
The lecherous Ananda Rao informs Mohan's father that his son was seeing the daughter of a harlot Sridevi. Mohan's father forces his son to marry Uma from a rich family. Uma traces Mohan's disinterest in her to Radha and leaves him. Leela, a victim of Ananda Rao saves Uma from Rao's trap. Ananda Rao murders Leela and implicates Mohan. Radha in order to save Mohan decides to meet Ananda Rao who assures her he had the evidence to prove Mohan's innocence. Finally truth gets out and Mohan is saved from the gallows. His parents accepts Radha. Uma realises her folly and unites with …