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Tyagayya (1946)

Synopsis: This is a religious drama about the life of saint/poet Tyagaraju (1767-1847), creator of the Carnatic form of classical music. At the film's outset, Tyagaraju (Nagaiah) is depicted as a humble villager who devotes himself to writing songs about the god Rama while at the same time rejecting the money and prestige offered to him by the maharaja of Tanjavur (Narayana Murthy). Thaygaraja's disinterest in social and financial gain drives his brother, Japesen (Lingamurthy), into fits of jealousy, culminating in him destroying Tyagaraju's beloved icons of Rama.
Cast: Chittooru Nagaiah (Tyagayya), Baby Vanaja (Krishna), Hemalatha (Kamalamba), Nyapathi Narayana Murthy (Sarabhoji), MC Raghavan (Marthanda Bhagavathar), Savita Devi (Chapalakshi), B. Jayamma (Dharmamba), K. Doraswamy (Sundaresa Mudaliar), Jayavanthi, Lakshmirajyam, Sundara Lakshmi, Mudigonda Lingamurthy (Japesam), Padmanabham, Baby T. Syamala (Radha), Vedantam Lakshmikantham (Narada), G. Visweswaramma, Rayapro…

Gruha Pravesam (1946)

Synopsis: Educated and emancipated Janaki (Bhanumathi) attacks traditionalist and women-baiter Somalingam (LV Prasad) for his orthodox ways. Her stepmother Tulasamma (Hemalatha) arranges Janaki's marriage with her cousin Ramana Rao (CSR), who had an amorous relationship with Lalitha (Jr. Sriranjani), whom he promises to marry, but ditches her for Janaki. To escape from the marriage, Janaki leaves the house and takes shelter in Somalingam's bachelor quarters. His neighbour Acharya (Sivarao)'s wife (Kanakam), who has a score to settle with Somalingam, makes insinuations against the duo. Somalingam and Janaki are thrown out of the quarters. A frustrated Somalingam joins an ashram. The locals beat up Janaki and she lands in the ashram. The job of nursing her is entrusted to Somalingam. Positive vibes develop between them. Meanwhile, Ramana Rao lands there with police and takes back Janaki. But, finally all ends well, and the marriage of Somalingam and Janaki is solemnized by h…

Swargaseema (1945)

Synopsis: Murthy (Nagaiah) is a publisher, married happily to Kalyani (Jayamma) and the proud father of their children. He watches a street play in his father-in-law's village, and notices the beautiful Subbalaxmi (Bhanumathi) in that troupe. He advises Subbalaxmi's father to take her to Madras where she would have the potential to become a big theatre artiste. He even refers them to a theatre company. The father-daughter duo travel to Madras, and are not left disappointed-Subbalaxmi is offered the lead role and changes her name to Sujatha. Murthy falls for Sujatha's charms and neglects his family. Kalyani fends for her children by taking up small tailoring works and leading a hard life. Slowly but surely, Murthy realizes his flaw and returns to his family. This film was reported based on Rouben Mamoulian's 1941 opus Blood and Sand starring Rita Hayworth.
Cast: Chittooru Nagaiah (Murthy), Bhanumathi (Sujatha), B. Jayamma (Kalyani), Mudigonda Lingamurthy (Ganganna), Kast…

Maya Lokam (1945)

Cast:Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Kannamba, CSR Anjaneyulu, Santha Kumari, Kamala Kotnis, GV Subba Rao, Bezawada Rajarathnam, MV Rajyam
Producer and Director: Gudavalli Ramabrahmam
Banner: Sarathi Films
Release Date: 10 October