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Dharmangada (1949)

Cast: Govindarajula Subba Rao, Krishnaveni, Rushyendramani, Mudigonda Lingamurthy, Rallabandi, Sadasiva Rao, Suryakantham
Editing: Rajan-Tilak
Director: H. Viswanatha Babu
Banner: Swastik Films
Release Date: 1 October
Trivia: In the editors duo, Tilak was none other than KB Tilak, the famous director of the later days.

Gunasundari Katha (1949)

Synopsis: King Ugrasena of Dhara Nagaram has 3 daughters-Rupasundari, Hemasundari and Gunasundari. Rupa and Hema are married to their cousins, Haramati and Kalamati respectively. Guna comments one day in a discussion that the husband is the most important entity for a girl. Her angered father, the King, then marries Guna off to a blind, limp, mute and deaf pauper, Daivadeenam.When it is discovered that Daivadeenam is in fact a prince under a curse, Guna and Daiva are banished from the Kingdom. They live far away in a small hut, when news that the King is fatally ill reaches them. Only a precious gem, the Mahendra Mani, can save him. So the three sons-in-law set out to find the gem and Daiva finds it. Haramati and Kalamati steal it from him and the King is cured. Another curse hits Daivadeenam, who now turns into a bear. Pleased with Gunasundari's devotion, Lord Shiva and Parvati bless Daivadeenam and he becomes normal once again. The King, understanding the truth finally, makes Da…

Keelugurram (1949)

Synopsis: While out on a hunt, a king meets a beautiful woman (Anjali Devi) who turns out to be a demon. The king decides to marry her even after the objections of his wife and son (Akkineni). After the wedding, the demon sends her stepson (Akkineni) out on an impossible mission to retrieve a rare herb. He succeeds with the help of Keelugurram (flying horse).
Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jr. Lakshmirajyam, Anjali Devi, Kanakam, Sruyasree, Surabhi Kamalabai, Gangaratnam, M. Subbulu, AV Subba Rao, Relangi, P. Koteswara Rao, D. Satyanarayana
Dialogues and Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao
Music: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao
Playback: Ghantasala, Vakkalanka Sarala, C. Krishnaveni
Producer and Director: Mirjapuram Raja
Banner: Sobhanachala Pictures
Release Date: 19 February
Trivia: Though he given tunes for 'Mana Desam' at first, Ghantasala's first released film was 'Keelugurram'.
C. Krishnaveni, an actress and singer, given voice for song on Anjali Devi.
Popular Songs:
1. Kaadu sumaa k…