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Dharmangada (1949)

Cast: Govindarajula Subba Rao, Krishnaveni, Rushyendramani, Mudigonda Lingamurthy, Rallabandi, Sadasiva Rao, Suryakantham Editing: Rajan-Tilak Director: H. Viswanatha Babu Banner: Swastik Films Release Date: 1 October Trivia: In the editors duo, Tilak was none other than KB Tilak, the famous director of the later days.

Gunasundari Katha (1949)

Synopsis: King Ugrasena of Dhara Nagaram has 3 daughters-Rupasundari, Hemasundari and Gunasundari. Rupa and Hema are married to their cousins, Haramati and Kalamati respectively. Guna comments one day in a discussion that the husband is the most important entity for a girl. Her angered father, the King, then marries Guna off to a blind, limp, mute and deaf pauper, Daivadeenam.When it is discovered that Daivadeenam is in fact a prince under a curse, Guna and Daiva are banished from the Kingdom. They live far away in a small hut, when news that the King is fatally ill reaches them. Only a precious gem, the Mahendra Mani, can save him. So the three sons-in-law set out to find the gem and Daiva finds it. Haramati and Kalamati steal it from him and the King is cured. Another curse hits Daivadeenam, who now turns into a bear. Pleased with Gunasundari's devotion, Lord Shiva and Parvati bless Daivadeenam and he becomes normal once again. The King, understanding the tru

Keelugurram (1949)

Synopsis: While out on a hunt, a king meets a beautiful woman (Anjali Devi) who turns out to be a demon. The king decides to marry her even after the objections of his wife and son (Akkineni). After the wedding, the demon sends her stepson (Akkineni) out on an impossible mission to retrieve a rare herb. He succeeds with the help of Keelugurram (flying horse). Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jr. Lakshmirajyam, Anjali Devi, Kanakam, Sruyasree, Surabhi Kamalabai, Gangaratnam, M. Subbulu, AV Subba Rao, Relangi, P. Koteswara Rao, D. Satyanarayana Dialogues and Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao Music: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao Playback: Ghantasala, Vakkalanka Sarala, C. Krishnaveni Producer and Director: Mirjapuram Raja Banner: Sobhanachala Pictures Release Date: 19 February Trivia: Though he given tunes for 'Mana Desam' at first, Ghantasala's first released film was 'Keelugurram'. C. Krishnaveni, an actress and singer, given voice for song on Anjali Devi.

Suvarna Mala (1948)

Cast: Surabhi Balasaraswathi, Suryanarayana, Joshi, Mudigonda Lingamurthy, Doraswamy, Ramakrishna Sastry Lyrics: Darbha Venkata Krishna Murthy Music: Addepalli Rama Rao Direction and Art: Kallakuri Sadasiva Rao Banner: Suvarna Latha Pictures Ltd

Vindhya Rani (1948)

Cast: Pushpavalli (Avanthi), DV Subba Rao (Vindhya Raju), Ramana Rao (Sivasri), Varalakshmi, Relangi, Panditha Rao, AV Subba Rao Dialogues: Pingali Nagendra Rao Music: Saluri Rajeswara Rao Cinematography: CV Ramakrishnan Editing: SR Krishna Swamy Dance: Jayasankar Sound: SP Gandhi Art: KR Sarma Director: C. Pullaiah Banner: Vyjayanthi Films Release Date: 14 Jan 1948 Trivia: This was based on the play VIDHYA RANI by Pingali Nagendra Rao.

Madalasa (1948)

Cast: Kalyanam Raghuramaiah, C. Krishnaveni, Anjali Devi, AV Subba Rao, Anasuya, Sriranjani, Rami Reddy Producer: Mirjapuram Raja Director: Chitrapu Narayana Murthy Banner: Sobhanachala Pictures Release Date: 29 May 1948

Bhakta Siriyala (1948)

Cast:  Vemuri Gaggaiah, Raja Rao, CSR Anjaneyulu, Sundaramma, Kumpatla, Kesari, Kamalanabha Prasad Director: G. Ramakrishna Rao Banner: Sri Murali Pictures

Balaraju (1948)

Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao (Balaraju), Anjali Devi (Seetha), S. Varalakshmi, Gadepalli, DS Sadasiva Rao, Kasturi Siva Rao Dialogues: Prayaga Lyrics: Samudrala Raghavacharya Music: CR Subbaraman, Galipenchala Narasimha Rao Play-back: S. Varalakshmi, Ghantasala, Vakkalanka Sarala Cineamtographer: P. Sridhar Editor: LM Lal Sound: Meenakshi Choreography: Vedantam Raghavaiah Producer and Director: Ghantasala Balaramaiah Banner: Pratibha Films Release Date: 26 February Box-office: Super hit Trivia: This film had a 365-day run in Vijayawada and a 100-day run in another 12 centers. It created new records at the box-office. Initially Akkineni has sung the song 'cheliyaa kanaraavaa', but in the film, the producers opted the song rendered by Ghantasala. In the titles, his name appeared as GV Rao. S. Varalakshmi rendered 10 songs out of total 18 songs. Popular Songs: 1. Evarine nenevarine 2. O baalaraajaa preme erugavaa 3. Chiliyaa kanaraavaa 4.

Drohi (1948)

Cast: G. Varalakshmi (Saroja), Lakshmirajyam (Sita), KS Prakasa Rao (Dr. Prakash), Rallabandi Kutumba Rao (Gangadhara Rao), Kona Prabhakara Rao (Raja Rao), LV Prasad, Kasturi Siva Rao, Venkumamba, Surabhi Balasaraswathi Story and Dialogues: Tapi Dharma Rao Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao Music: Pendyala Nageswara Rao Playback: Ghantasala, G. Varalakshmi Cinematography: Sridhar Art:  TVS Sharma Director: LV Prasad Producers: K. Bhaskara Rao, KS Prakasa Rao Banner: Swatantra Films Release Date: 10 December Trivia: This was debut film for Pendyala Nageswara Rao as a music director. Tatineni Prakasha Rao, the associate director, directed the scenes of his guru LV Prasad. Popular Songs: 1. Navvulaina navvavate bulbul 2. Aalakinchandi baaboo aalakinchandi 3. Chakkera kottuku vachchaave

Geethanjali (1948)

Cast: Jandhyala Gaurinatha Sastry, Purnima, Sriranjani Jr., Tanguturi Suryakumari, Ch. Subba Rao, M. Prakash Dialogues: U. Suryanarayana Rao Music: K. Prakasa Rao Cinematography: Prabhakar Editing: Partha Sarathi Producers: Jandhyala Gaurinatha Sastry, Joshua Gause Director: Tangirala Hanumantha Rao Banner: Sri Syamala Pictures Release Date:  5 March

Radhika (1948)

Cast:  Balasaraswathi, D. Kotiratnam, Sundaramma, Chenchuratnam, Padmanabha Rao, Ramakrishna Sastry, Kalyanam Raghuramaiah, Rama Murthy Lyrics: Sadasiva Brahmam Playback:  Rao Balasaraswathi Devi Music: Saluri  Hanumantha Rao Cinematography: PL Rai Editing: Rajan-Tilak Sound: K. Ramachandran Director: VPT Sadasiv Banner: Sri Chatrapathi Pictures Release Date: 20 Febraury Trivia: In the editors duo, Tilak was none other than KB Tilak, the famous director of the later days. Popular Songs: 1. Gopala krishnudu nallana

Ratnamala (1948)

Synopsis: Simhakethu, the ruler of Kancheepuram, is on the look out for a suitable bridegroom for his daughter, Rathnamala. Chandrachooda, the king of Sonapura, is blessed with a son, but with the curse, to survive, before it reaches the 16th month the child should be married to a 16-year-old girl. His minister goes on a bride hunt and reaches Kancheepuram. He shows them his own son's portrait and not that of the child prince. Rathnamala agrees to marry him. However, the minister says that, according to tradition, her marriage has to be performed with a sword. On entering the room, Rathnamala is shocked to see a child instead of the handsome youth she had seen in the portrait. The minister's son explains to her why they had to do that. She leaves the palace along with her child 'husband' and goes into a forest. Unaware of all this and finding Rathnamala missing, her father imprisons Chandrachooda, his minister and the minister's son, and then sends his men

Brahmaratham (1947)

Cast: B. Jayamma (Sacheedevi), Addanki Srirama Murthy, Parupalli Subba Rao, AV Subba Rao, Kumpatla, Kalyanam Raghuramaiah, Kallakuri Sadasiva Rao, KS Ranganayakulu, I. Koteswara Rao, Saroja, Sowdamani, T. Kanakam, Sriranjani, Anasuya, Rama Rao, Nagumani, Srivatsa, MC Raghavan, Rama Murthy, Ramanatha  Sastry, KV Subba Rao Dialogues and Lyrics: Balijepalli Lakshmikantha Kavi Music: Moti Babu Cinematography: Maari Audiography: Walke Art: TVS Sharma Dances: Vempati Satyam Director: Chitrapu Narayana Murthy Banner: Venkatarama Pictures Release Date: 29 October

Palnati Yuddham (1947)

Synopsis: King Anugu of Palnadu has three sons - Nalagama Raju, Narasinga Raju and Malideva Raju from his three wives. Before his death, he anoints Nalagama Raju the king and leaves him to the care of his minister Brahmanaidu. During Anugu's rule a wealthy and powerful woman Nagamma enters the kingdom. Brahmanna is a Vaishnavite, while Nagamma is a staunch Saivite. Progressive-minded Brahmanna allows Harijan entry into temples and appoints a Harijan, Kannama Dasu as the army commander. This irks the upper caste people and also the prince Narasinga Raju, who seeks the help of Nagamma. In the king's court, Nagamma accuses Brahmanna of fomenting trouble. This leads to Malideva demanding a division of the kingdom. Much against the wish of Nagamma, Nalagama divides the kingdom, and Macherla is given to Malideva, who rules it with Brahmanaidu as his adviser. Nagamma holds control over Gurajala and its ruler Nalagama. She hatches a conspiracy to unite the country and make Naras

Gollabhama (1947)

Cast: C. Krishnaveni, Kotiratnam, Leelebai, Sundaramma, Gangaratnam, Raghuramaiah, Rami Reddy, Vellanki, Teegala, Relangi, AV Subba Rao, Koteswara Rao, Kumpatla, Mallikarjuna Rao, KV Subba Rao, Ramamurthy, Anjali Devi   Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao, Balijepalli Lakshmikantham, Madhira Subbanna Deekshitulu Playback: Krishnaveni, Raghuramaiah   Music:  SB Dinakar Rao   Cinematography: Kotnis Art: TVS Sharma Producer: Mirjapuram Raja Director: C. Pullaiah Banner: Sobhanachala Pictures Trivia: This was Anjali Devi's debut film. This movie was based on 'Kasi Majilee Kathalu' written by Madhira Subbanna Deekshitulu. This was remade as 'Bhama Vijayam' in 1967. Popular Songs: 1. Sandamama andamaina o sandamama

Setu Bandhanam (1946)

Director: R. Padmanabhan

Varudhini (1947)

Cast: SV Ranga Rao, Dasari Tilakam, AV Subba Rao, Kanthamani, Kotiratnam Music: K. Bhujanga Rao Producers: Nagumalli Narayana Murthy, BV Ramanandam Director: BV Ramanandam Banner: Ananda Pictures Release Date: 11 January Trivia: This was debut film for SVR as an actor.

Vanarani (1946)

Cast: G. Varalakshmi, Garikapati Director: A. Surya

Mugguru Maratheelu (1946)

Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Ch. Narayana Rao, Govindarajula Subba Rao, Kasturi SivaRao, Kannamba, TG Kamala Devi, Kumari, Bezawada Rajaratnam, Music: Ogirala Ramachandra Rao Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao, Prayaga Narasimha Sastry Producer and Director: Ghantasala Balaramaiah Release Date: 1 June Note: The highlight of this movie is the action of P.Kannamba, who played the villain role. Standing up to the acting prowess of three heroes and showing villainy with a panache that counters three heroes is no ordinary thing, that too for an actress. But Kannamba, with an inimitable aplomb, came out with a sterling performance. I personally feel she dominated the three heroes with her performance. No other actress can do it.

Mangalasutram (1946)

Cast: Lakshmirajyam, Prabhakar, Snehalatha Devi, Indira Devi, Tulasi, PV Subba Rao Chowdary, AR Sastry, AV Krishna Murthy Director: DS Kotnis Banner: Prabhakar Productions Trivia: Initially the makers selected the title as IDI MAA KATHA. Later they changed it as MANGALASUTRAM.