Lakshadhikari (1963)

Synopsis: Shavukar Rangaiah's (Chittooru Nagaiah) right hand man is Seethaiah (Gummadi). The Shavukar dotes on his motherless son, and his brother-in-law pesters him for money. Rangaiah is accused of murdering a diamond merchant and is sent to jail while his son is taken away. Lost and found by a childless couple, this boy is named as Varaprasad. The couple, Pichchaiah and Achchamma (Ramana Reddy and Suryakantham) has a daughter after that, and name her Leela. Varaprasad (NTR) becomes a doctor, starts a pharmacy with the help of Seethaiah, falls in love with Seethaiah's daughter Padma (Krishna Kumari) and leads a happy life. Then he finds out that he is not the couple's own son, so he sets out to find his biological parents. In a surprising twist, the now released Rangaiah is found to be innocent while the real murderer turns out to be Seethaiah.
Cast: NT Rama Rao (Prasad), Krishna Kumari (Padma), Gummadi (Seethaiah), Chittooru Nagaiah (Rangayya), Ramana Reddy, Mikkilineni, Suryakantham, Relangi, Girija, KVS Sharma
Story and Dialogues: Narla Chiranjeevi
Lyrics: C. Narayana Reddy, Arudra, Kosaraju
Music: T. Chalapathi Rao
Play-back: Ghantasala, Swarnalatha, Jamuna Rani, Madhavapeddi Satyam, P. Susheela
Play-back: Ghantasala, P. Susheela
Cinematography: C. Nageswara Rao
Art: S. Krishna Rao
Producers: Tammareddy Krishna Murthy, D. Venkatapathi Reddy
Director: V. Madhusudana Rao
Banner: Ravindra Arts
Release Date: 27 September
Trivia: This was debut film for Tammareddy Krishna Murthy as a producer. ANR, their first choice, had no dates to spare, so NTR was roped in. 
Nagabhushanam was the first choice for Seethaiah, but then there would be no suspense. So Gummadi, usually a docile and innocent looking man was cast to add the surprise element to the movie.
This was NTR's first suspense-filled movie. It started the trend in a big way. Lakshadhikari made more money in its second release than it's first. 
Popural Songs:
1. Addaala meda undi andaala bhaama undi (Kosaraju)
2. Daachaalante daagadule daagudu moothalu saagavule (CNR)
3. Mabbulo emundi naa manasulo emundi (CNR)
4. Oho andamaina chinnadaana bangaru vennedaana
5. Naa chempa taakagaane cheli nee cheyi kandenemo (CNR)
6. Elaago elaago unnadi (Arudra)


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