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Raktha Sambandham (1962)

Synopsis: Raju (NTR) and Radha (Savitri) are Siblings and very affectionate to each other. Anand (Kanta Rao) saves Radha from an accident. They startd loving each other. Raju works in a factory. The factory is closed for some reason. He starts his own business and very successful. He plans to marry his sister to a rich man. After knowing that she loves Anand, he insults him. However, later he requests pardon and marries them. Raju also marries. Kanthamma (Suryakantham), aunt of Anand, living with them creates differences between them, resulting their separation. Radha gives birth to a boy. The wife of Raju dies after giving birth to a girl. Raju writes his entire proper in the name of Radha and goes on tour. However, he returns back after finding out that his real peace of mind with his sister. He loses sight on Deepavali day in order save the son of Radha from fire accident. Finally both the siblings unite and die together.
Cast: NT Rama Rao (Raju), Savitri (Radha), Devika, Kanta Rao (Anand), Suryakantham (Kanthamma), Ramana Reddy (Viswanatham), Relangi (Appa Rao), Girija
Dialogues: Mullapudi Venkata Ramana
Lyrics: C. Narayana Reddy, Dasarathi, Arudra, Anisetty, Kosaraju
Music: Ghantasala
Play-back: Ghantasala, PB Srinivas, P. Susheela
Cineamtography: C. Nageswara Rao
Producers: Doondi, Sunderlal Nahta
Director: V. Madhusudana Rao
Banner: Rajalakshmi Productions
Release Date: 1 November
Trivia: It is remake of 1961 Tamil hit film Pasamalar directed by A. Bhimsingh. It was silver screen version of the Malayalam writer Kottakara's story Paasa Malar, featuring Shivaji Ganesan.
It had a 100-day run in 11 centers and run more than 175 days (147 days+shift) at Maruthi Talkies, Vijayawada.
This was debut film for Mullapudi Venkata Ramana as a writer.
This was first Telugu movie completed within a single schedule.
Popular Songs:
1. Aakaasamele andaala raaje naakedurainaade
2. Bangaaru bomma raaveme panditlo pelli jarigene (Arudra)
3. Chanduruni minchu amdamolikinchu muddu paapaayi jo (Anisetty)
4. Raktha sambandham ide raktha sambandham
5. Evaro nannu kavvinchi poyedevaro


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