Bala Nagamma (1942)

Synopsis: The King prays for progeny and is blessed with children, the youngest of who is named Bala Nagamma. She is married off to Karyavardi Raju but is kidnapped by Mayala Marathi who turns her into a dog and whisks her off to his cave. Once there, he tries to take advantage of her, but she keeps him away quoting some Holy Rites and Pujas that she is involved in. Fearful, she is a prisoner in the cave for 14 years, where the Fakir's mistress, Sangu, is jealous of his obsession with Bala Nagamma. In the meantime, her son [Balavardi Raju] grows up and gets to know the truth about his mother. He seeks the Fakir out and defeats him.
Cast: Kanchanamala (Bala Nagamma), Govindarajula Subba Rao, Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao (Karyavardhi), Balijepalli Lakshmikantha Kavi, T.G. Kamala Devi, Kamala Kotnis, Pushpavalli, Bellari Lalitha, Addala Narayana Rao, Lanka Satyam (Chakali Tippadu), Relangi (Talari Ramudu), Master Viswam (Balavardhi)
Dialogues and Lyrics: Balijepalli Lakshmikantha Kavi
Music: MD. Partha Sarathi, Saluri Rajeswara Rao
Play-back: Pushpavalli, Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao
Cinematography: BS Ranga, Sailen Bose
Editor: Chandran
Art: SVS Rama Rao
Producer: M.S. Vaasan
Director: C. Pullaiah
Banner: Gemini Studios
Box-office: Hit
Trivia: This is first folklore film in Telugu. With the elaborate sets, lilting tunes, strong background score, picturization and of course, Kanchanamala-Govindarajula, the movie worked wonders. In Andhra and Tamil Nadu alike, the movie was a trendsetting folk-based successful venture and ran for more than 25 weeks. After Bala Nagamma, there was no looking back for Gemini.
Relangi played the role Talari Ramudu both 1942 and 1959 versions of 'Bala Nagamma' and Lanka Satyam did the role Chakali Tippadu in the same versions.
Govindarajula Subba Rao was the first doctor who became an actor in Telugu.
This was first Telugu movie, which run 25 weeks in Tamilnadu.
Popular Songs:
1. Aahaa naa sogase kani
2. Ee vasanta sumano vanamu


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