Sati Anasuya (1935)

Synopsis: Sinners bathe in the river Ganga to wash of their sins. Ganga gets polluted and suffers for their sins. Her suffering becomes acute and unbearable. A voice from heaven tells Ganga that she could get purified through the help of a devoted wife. Ganga seeks the help of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi try to purify Ganga but in vain.
Narada suggests to Ganga Devi to pray to Anasuya, the most reputed in Bhooloka as a devoted wife. Goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi begin to feel envious of Anasuya and decide to test her virtue.
Some people go to the Ashram of Athri for water. Anasuya goes out to fetch water for them. Ganga Devi appears before Anasuya, feels purified and relieved of her suffering and gives water to Anasuya. Anasuya gets the water to the Ashram of Athri and serves it to the guests. Bhringi, a guest at the Ashram, gets infuriated, creats a devil but gets humiliated.
Anasuya attends on Athri while he sleeps.Bhringi puts a venomous snake round her neck. The snake turns into a flower garland. Goddess Lakshmi feels insulted at Narada's suggestion that her test of Anasuya through Bhringi failed and sends Manmatha to humiliate Anasuya. Mahavishnu appears before Athri and in appreciation of his prayer, promises to be born as his son. Manmatha tests the virtue of Anasuya and gets humiliated himself. He seeks her pardon and protection.
Instigated by Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara go to Anasuya as guests with the object of testing her. Anasuya's moral power turns them in babies. Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi learn from Narada that their husbands are staying in Anasuya's house as babies. They go to Athri's Ashram along with Narada and get back their husbands through the kindness of Anasuya.
Narada sets a final test to Anasuya. He gives her stones to be cooked and serve him. She converts them into fruits and gives him back. The three gods promise to be born as the son of Athri and Anasuya in the name of Dattathreya.
Cast: Dasari Kotiratnam (Anasuya), D. Leela Kumari (Narmada), D. Venkubai (Lakshmi), Ranga Pushpachitra (Ganga), Tungala Chalapathi Rao (Narada), S.P. Lakshmana Swamy (Manmatha), M. Gopala Rao (Vishnu), N. Krishnamachary (Atri)
Producer: Dasari Kotiratnam
Director: Aheen Chowdary
Banner: Aurora Film Corporation (Calcutta)
Release Date: 4 October
Trivia: Aurora Film Corporation is the only studio still functioning from silent era.


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