Talli Prema (1941)

Plot: Marital melodrama promoting the image of the ideal woman as a long-suffering and self sacrificing wife. Santha (Kannamba) is the exemplary but still childless -wife of Krishna Rao (CSR Anjaneyulu). When all rituals fail, she accepts her evil sister-in-law Durgabai's (Seshamamba) suggestion that her husband take a second bride, Kamala (Hemalatha). Durgabai and Kamala then combine to eject Santha from the house in spite of her sudden pregnancy. She gives birth to a son but gets separated from the child, which is raised by a local zamindar. Kamala turns out to be the real villain and sends an assassin to kill the child. Eventually the husband has a change of heart and rescues the child himself; Kamala obligingly commits suicide, thus restoring the original happy couple.
Cast: C.S.R. Anjaneyulu, Kannamba, Hemalatha Devi, Seshamamba, Kalyanam Raghuramaiah
Story and Dialogues: Kovvali Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
Lyrics: Daita Gopalam
Music: N.V. Venkatraman, N.B. Dinakar Rao
Cinematography: Kamal Ghosh
Director: Jyotish Sinha
Banner: Rajarajeswari Pictures


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